Friday5 for March 20th: Healthy sequestration? Questions courtesy of Scrivener. Thank you!

1. In the next seven days, what’s something you’ll do for your mental health?

Still have eight days of quarantine so — and I know you'll find this hard to believe — I've been shopping!

#1 Most Beautiful Of All Track Shoes.

I know what you're thinking. "But 勝美, don't you already have Adidas Country II in white with gum soles?" Those are white full-grain leather. And my other Adidas Country OGs are white with collegiate green and the white ones with collegiate red.

Speaking of collegiate green, look what I found.

A matching t to my white and collegiate green Country OGs! Not really a t-shirt person but I can wear it with the matching shoes and my grey yoga pants and zippy hoodie.

If I'd been a little bit quicker on the trigger there was a one-piece swimsuit, too.

I've been exercising some restraint.

Starbucks Japan Sakura 2020.

Kind of boring this year. As if I didn't have enough pink travel tumblers. They fit in the cup holders of the roadster but the cup holders come out of the dashboard and the tumbler is suspended over my lap. At roughly steering wheel height. Like that ain't an accident waiting to happen. Besides, I don't even drink coffee. If I want coffee that bad I just steal a sip from my friend Spewgie's cup.

Quarantine means sayonara strict Lenten fasting. So. I've also been eating.

Since Wisconsin closed all the bars and restaurants, only pick-up and delivery is permitted. But I am quarantined. That rules out pick-up. Thankfully, high school students volunteered to deliver FROM RESTAURANTS THAT DON'T NORMALLY DELIVER to quarantined households such as myself and Myrtie. To keep the restaurants and the economy going. I put an extra ten bucks on the bill for a tip and gasoline; they leave it on my doorstep. No contact.

They forgot the chopsticks.

Good thing I am prepared for all kinds of emergencies from coronavirus to eating utensils.

Actually that is a picture of me wearing a Hello Kitty mask which the nurses got for me from the pediatrics ward when I had H1N1 influenza about ten years ago.  I saved the unused masks.

Mmm mmm good. Mmm mmm good. That's what Ono Kine Grindz is. Mmm mmm good.

Feel free to quote me on that. Today I had the special King Kamehameha Family Dinner. With seaweed salad.

I am guesstimating 50,000,000 calories.

Don't worry. The doctor told me I'm supposed to gain weight. And for all the non-fasting I am doing now, the "make-up" fasting after Easter is twice as strict.

I wish I was in Japan.

McDonald's Sakura McFlurry.

It's almost cherry blossom season which means everyone from Coca-Cola to Dunkin' Donuts will be vying to top each other. The sakura doughnuts are supposed to be extremely good this year.

2. In the next seven days, what’s something you’ll do to make you feel connected?

Talking on the 'phone, doing all kinds of quizzes, visiting on Facebook. I received an email from my bosses. They want me to work from home because I have a "vital job". Actually they want me to work from work.

Lots of luck, pal. If my cruise hadn't been cancelled, I'd be at sea. Instead of quarantined.

3. In the next seven days, what’s something you’ll do to relax?

I don't think I can get any more relaxed than this but I am thinking about a bubble bath. Something I haven't done for years. I still have the limited edition Guerlain Vetiver bath bombs my friend Spewgie got me for Christmas a few years ago. Or was it Mitsouko bath bombs? Whatevs.

4. In the next seven days, what’s something you’ll do to make yourself laugh?

Plan on setting up my electric trains in the living room. I have the big G scale size. The train sets came with a combine (freight and passenger car) and an observation car. I bought the matching baggage cars and a couple of passenger cars. I plan on making a garden railway after I retire.

Maybe I can get Myrtie to hop on and go for a couple of laps around the piano.

5. In the next seven days, what’s something you’ll do to flex your creativity?

Checked on my silk screening stuff that I haven't touched for years. The inks and screen photosensitizer went bad. So. I ordered a bunch of stuff. Should be here Monday.

And I've only got about a year of unread New Yorker magazines sitting around. And thirty books on my tablet. Who knows how many movies I have to watch?


  1. Oooh trains. Please share photos of your setup when you get it rolling.

    Thanks for participating. I hope you're quarantining well, and I hope you'll keep yourself healthy and entertained. Soooooo sorry about your canceled trip, but I'm also relieved you didn't get on that boat. <3

  2. Thank you. Hope things are going well for you, too.

    The trip is covered by travel insurance. So. It turned into a two-day adventure. Featuring twenty hours in airports and on planes.