Friday5: It's Around Here Somewhere.

Friday5 questions courtesy of Scrivener. Thank you!

1. What was your most recent unexpected expense?

Probably when my mother and I returned from the cruise to Hawaii in February. My friend Spewgie called my house at four o'clock in the morning ⁠— she knew my flight had been hopelessly delayed ⁠— and I'd just struggled through snowdrifts with my luggage to the house. She arranged for my sidewalk and driveway to be snowblowed, for Myrtle to be chauffeured home from the cat boarding school, pizzas to be delivered and, when I still wasn't feeling any better, got me checked into the hospital.

So. I had pink roses delivered to her house. ⁠

2. What was your most recent pleasant surprise?

Because my new garage wasn't built in September and October I may have an out with that contractor. Unless he abides by our original agreement which means the new front steps, back stoop, new basement window wells, driveway and garage.

3. What can’t you find ?

1. My stainless steel Parker Jotter mechanical pencil.
2. My Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal II sunglasses with gunmetal frames and 62mm green G-15 lenses.
3. My chainsaw. May have been thrown out when the old garage was torn down.
4. A reasonably priced 4x4.

A ten year old Jeep Wrangler Sport with more than 100K on the odometer is $15,000. The MSRP in 2009 was $21,000 with manual transmission, cloth top and no air conditioning.

So. I checked out Suzuki Jimny.

1993 Jimny 4X4 from Yokohama FOB at the port of Baltimore, Maryland: Six grand. Including import broker fees. Guaranteed perfect working condition and a Japanese auction Grade 4.

It has 50K kilometers on the odometer. Yes. 1993 is very old. Japan has a milder climate and a car has to be twenty-five years old to be exempt from DOT rigmarole.

Problem: Right-hand drive. I won't be able to go in the fast food drive through; I'll have to walk into Taco Bell and Burger King. And it is missing the spare tire mounting bracket on the rear door. They are all missing the spare tire mounting bracket. Because it has been stolen by sailors during shipment? But why wouldn't they steal the mirrors, too? The auction house to obfuscate not getting a spare tire and matching rim?

Whoa, Nellie. Hold your horses. How could sailors steal the spare tire mounting bracket if it hasn't sailed out of Yokohama harbor? None of the stinkin' Jimnys have the bracket.

And the ship has kind of sailed on getting a winter beater for this year. Meaning it is a little too late to be thinking about buying a used car.

4. What are you hiding from?

Myrtle. She wants her afternoon kitty treats. I want to finish my martini.

5. Who is a mystery?

I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Feel free to quote me on that.


  1. The Taco Bell in my hood has a drive-through pick-up window on the passenger side, and we manage it just fine. Sometimes we manage it fine three or four times a week. Don't tell my doctor.

    If you look at the street view you'll see how the drive-through line has to go through the parking lot, so the pickup window is on the wrong side. :) Shorter window cashiers have to put your order on a tray, then pass the tray through your open window so you can grab the drinks and bag.

  2. Was it originally a normal drive-through but the line of waiting cars extended into traffic lanes so the flow of the Taco Bell was reversed?

    There is a Taco Bell with a similar plot situation and the drive-through window is on the opposite side of the building from yours. Pull into the narrow "alley", turn left, the menu board and speaker are at the rear of the building, tyrn right to proceed to the pick-up.

    And I believe the Jimny is equipped with rubber floor mats instead of carpet so cleanup is a breeze. Just hose it down. Like the Monkey House at the zoo.

    1. No I'm pretty sure it's always been this way, but the entire building is being renovated so I'm hoping they fix things. It's a little bit of a pain.

      Doesn't the Honda Element have rubber seat upholstery too, so you can just hose out the entire inside of the vehicle?

    2. The Element is like a normal car. Washing the interior with the garden hose will cause all sorts of troubles including electrical.

      A Jimny is more of a primitive jeep.