Friday5: Places To Go.

Questions courtesy of Scrivener from Friday5. Thank you!

Every now and then we have a Friday5 that we have to explain to the pretty girl and this is one of them.

1. What’s the closest you’ve come to having a hangout where everybody knows your name?

A lot of my sorority sisters worked at the big law offices downtown. On a late Friday afternoon, we'd meet at one of the bars on Water Street. Or when I was in high school I'd go to a supper club on a Saturday afternoon for a couple of martinis and a Reuben sandwich.

There used to be a chili place. You never hear about it any more. Whenever anyone talks about chili, it is always Real Chili which has been around for eighty years. Real Chili is an offshoot of Chili John's from Green Bay. In fact, their sign used to say "Real Chili" and then in smaller neon letters "The Green Bay Kind". Which predates Cincinnati chili so how can Green Bay chili possibly be classified as Cincinnati-style? Cincinnati chili is Green Bay-style.

Anyhow, there was a chili joint near school. We'd walk from the sorority house through the student commons to get there. It kind of looked like a bar except the counter and swively stools were at normal sitting height and the "backbar" was decorated with a big fluorescent menu sign and bowls. Regular patrons had their own personalized bowls. Sort of like personalized mugs for shaving cream at an old time barber shop, I guess. For every twenty or fifty bowls of chili, a star was added to the rim of that patron's bowl. One guy's bowl was completely filled-in with stars so they went to a gold and silver and bronze star system.

I wonder what happened to all the bowls when they went out of business? A chili bowl isn't something I would want to display. But I am not the put-the-golf-trophy-on-the-fireplace-mantle-type.

2. Where do you go when you want to be around people but don’t want to talk to anyone or be recognized?

The library? Running?

Bars used to be open at six o'clock in the morning. Mostly for the third shift trade. Nowadays, if you can find one, they are the morning home of old retired guys. Why you can bet your life that box of Rice-A-Roni (the San Francisco treat) is less expensive than the ElectroLux canister vacuum cleaner! Drinking and daytime TV. Even the echoes of the ghostly drop forges and the fossils with German accents playing sheepshead have disappeared. And the ashtrays and cigarettes.

Sometimes life just ain't worth livin'.

3. Where can you go if you need a little bit of sleep but home is unavailable?

I do not know why my home would be unavailable but there is always my friend Spewgie's home (which is a couple of blocks from my house) or my sister's (which is also very near my house).

I have spent a few hours in my car snoozing in my driveway because there was a rabid-looking opossum and I ran out of ammo after I threw my shoes at it. Or the time I got caught in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere. Should have stopped at a motel.

4. Where do you dine out when you’ve got very little to spend?

I would use a credit card but why wouldn't I stop at a time machine if I needed money? A few of my favorite places are cash only.

Edit: A time machine is regional colloquialism for ATM. Like how a bubbler is a drinking fountain or a stop 'n' go is a traffic light.

In the old days, the first bank to have an ATM labelled it "Take Your Money Everywhere". T.Y.M.E. A time machine. The acronym nomenclature lasted longer than the First Wisconsin.

5. What TV show’s characters’ hangout spot do you most wish were right around the corner?

So sorry. Don't watch television. I think we mean like Friends or Cheers. The congregating place from which the plot for that particular episode is developed alongside lesser storyline(s).

Maybe the second owner of Arnold's Drive In so when the Fonz and Richie Cunningham and Potsie and Ralph Malph think we are going to have fun being entertained by "comedic" "Hop Sing" Asian stereotype I will beat the living snot out of them.

 ♪ ♫ Sunday
Monday ♫
♪ Happy Days
Tuesday ♫
♫ Wednesday
Happy Days ♫
♪ Thursday
Friday ♪
♫ ♪ Happy Days
The weekend comes ♪
 ♪ My cycle hums
Ready to race to you ♫
♪ ♫ These days are ours
Happy and free ♪
 ♪ Oh Happy Days
These days are ours ♫
♪ Share them with me
 Oh baby ♫ ♪

 So sorry, Arthur Fonzarelli. No submarine races for you!

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